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In this volatile digital age, Lingo Whiz remains fundamentally grounded in strong linguistic principles as we believe that nothing speaks to people and stirs the imagination more than the power of the written word. The following are the premium services we offer to harness the influential impact of this timeless source of inspiration for our clients.

At Lingo Whiz, the age-old adage “the pen is mightier than the sword” comes alive as we enliven the appeal of your marketing message through creative wordplay, marrying style and substance to empower your corporate branding such that it becomes impossible for others not to notice your presence.

Armed with a pool of talented and prolific writers who have created professional works for a wide range of clients, we are well-tuned to the varying writing techniques that are suited for diverse industries. Distinctive copywriting is never about a one-size-fits-all approach. Before putting words to paper, we make it a point to first understand the big picture, analyse industry trends and macro developments and subsequently assimilate the detailed concepts and corporate image that the client wishes to portray. To put everything in perspective, we do extend our services to include event coverage and interviews as well.

With sharp linguistic acumen and the flair for selecting the right words that lend the greatest impact, we are then able to sculpt the text into an exclusive marketing message that accentuates the client’s unique selling point, and this characterises Lingo Whiz’s distinctive copywriting, be it in English, Chinese or other Asian languages.

If you are thinking of embarking on regular outreach campaigns such as newsletter development, why not leave the strategic editorial planning to us? With our wealth of experience, we will create captivating themes to move your business so that you can spend more time to focus on the right thing – your bottom line.

Despite frequent globe-trotting, many cosmopolitans still find the old-world charm of their mother tongue endearing. Nothing speaks to them as directly as the comforting assurance of their first language. This is especially so in Asia, a treasure trove of civilisations steeped in rich cultures and languages even as these burgeoning economies are opening up to a borderless world where English has become the language of international communication.

Whether you are an MNC hoping to make inroads into this dynamic landscape or an Asian entrepreneur setting your sights on overseas markets where English is the lingua franca, Lingo Whiz is the vital link to help you bridge the cultural divide and reach out to your target audience with market-savvy professionalism, be it in Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Vietnamese, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia or Hindi, to name just a few of the language translation services that we provide.

Specifically, our strengths in English-to-Chinese and Chinese-to-English translation have given Lingo Whiz the reputation of being a premium language service provider that is well tuned to various linguistic nuances in the China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia markets. All projects delivered by Lingo Whiz for readers and viewers in these markets are highly accredited and a testament to our professional standards in localisation, an offshoot of translation that takes into account cultural differences to relate to the target audience in the local market.

At the end of the day, professional translation is not about a one-size-fits-all approach to convert any text from one language to another. Translation is a profound art which seeks to mediate cultural differences. A good piece of translation should not have a ‘translated’ feel to it; rather, the expressions should come across naturally to the foreign reader or viewer whilst remaining accurate and true to the spirit of the original script. This undoubtedly calls for a high level of analytical skills and commitment to linguistic excellence – the professional touch that Lingo Whiz is more than capable of providing.

An avant garde sector that is emerging from the fundamentals of translation, localisation takes your marketing message a step further by entrenching and empowering it with a firm presence in the local context.

Global businesses are starting to awaken to one important fact – to successfully penetrate a new market, it is not sufficient to just get the corporate materials translated into the local language. This vital public relations exercise must be spearheaded with acute sensitivity to local market conditions as well as cultural and political sentiments.

With our pool of effectively bilingual native translators stationed in our various footholds in Asia and editors who go the extra mile to ensure strict quality control, Lingo Whiz has the cutting-edge niche to provide top quality translation and localisation work that is highly customised and well-tuned to the diverse linguistic frequencies in various Asian markets.

With our local expertise spanning across a wide array of professional fields, we take pride in synergising your corporate angle with the local heartbeat such that your business branding can readily relate to your target audience.

There is never a second chance to make a good first impression, especially when you are conducting high-powered conferences or regional seminars, which is why Lingo Whiz is your trusted mouthpiece to ensure that vital messages are conveyed correctly to audiences from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Displaying articulate fluency in both English and their native Asian languages, Lingo Whiz’s multi-lingual interpreters are endowed with the sharp linguistic acumen and sassy oratorical skills to straddle effortlessly and professionally between two or more languages. English-to-Mandarin and Mandarin-to-English interpretation are our specialisations and, with the Chinese market poised at the stage of explosive exponential growth, there is never a better time to empower your business expansion plans by tapping on Lingo Whiz’s in-depth understanding of the Chinese language, culture and market.

With our vast experiences in providing consecutive and simultaneous interpretation across a wide spectrum of fields, from healthcare, cosmetology, marketing to legal topics, you can be assured that the essence of any speech can be recreated succinctly in a language that resonates with the sentiments of your target audience. Communication barrier is a thing of the past with Lingo Whiz’s professional interpretation services that always remain true to the spirit of the message that is conveyed.


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