Language forms the quintessential message behind any marketing and branding campaign, especially so in this global village where the gaps between markets, cultures and communities are getting smaller, getting the right message across to the right crowd with style and substance will determine the impact and success of any corporate communications project.

Lingo Whiz has transformed this ideal into a reality for our valued clients who hail from a spectrum of diverse industries ranging from healthcare to hospitality, interior design media to television media.

With stylistic fluency in English, Chinese and other Asian languages, we are able to speak the language of the target audience and lay the bridge of communication that allows our clients to assimilate into new markets and reach out to unexplored segments in present markets with ease, efficiency and a lasting impact.

Poised comfortably in the ever-changing landscape of a burgeoning Asia that is rich in heritage and abuzz with progressive developments, we aspire to enhance our current repertoire and develop the total suite of professional multi-media, multi-lingual solutions to help corporations transcend cultural borders on the international stage.

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